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Save your drafts! Also, sports. And activism.

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May. 24th, 2010 | 03:20 pm

I spent part of last week retyping an 8,000 word novelette. I'm taking a shot at selling a reprint and ... I didn't keep a useable digital manuscript on file. I mean, it was a good thing (great, actually) to be able to go through and give it a thorough once-over while typing, tweaking little words here and there that I wanted to change. Still, it was a chunk of time. My wrists are making their complaints known.

And now on to things I have recently discovered:

1) Tonight the Philadelphia Flyers have the shot at winning their current series and heading to the battle for Lord Stanley's Cup. It's been 35 years since the last time we won so it'd be nice for the city to have another championship.

2) Apparently Jason David Frank is still around and is now an undefeated MMA fighter? I don't watch MMA and forget where I heard this, but I used to have a thing for Tommy Oliver, aka the Green Ranger. Also he traded his ponytail for some spikes, so. Good on him.

[Direct quote from Wikipedia: "Tommy is the longest-serving Power Ranger in the franchise's history and is believed by some to be the best Ranger ever." (Emphasis mine.) I love wikipedia.]

3) And on a sobering note, I found this story through Facebook: Iranian LGBT activist Kiana Firouz is denied asylum in the UK, faces deportation back to Iran. There's another article about it here.

For a country that supposedly has no homosexuals, the Iranian laws against it are pretty severe and she faces considerable danger. I don't know why Firouz is being denied asylum by the UK.

If you're of a mind, please consider sending your support in writing to the Home Secretary. I used this form.

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