Erica (hildebabble) wrote,

The Ruining of Thanksgiving

If there is one thing this world could do with less of, it's Corporate America.

This recently happened:

Dear [Company name redacted by request],

I am writing to issue a complaint against your business's decision regarding this year's Black Friday.

My partner works at one of your stores, and I was just informed that her store is required to open at 12am midnight. This is much earlier than last year, and will require her to appear at the store by 10pm on Thanksgiving Day.

Like millions of Americans, we celebrate Thanksgiving with family. This sometimes requires travel. We have always been aware of [redacted]'s policy that requires employees to work a Black Friday shift and have structured our holiday plans around this fact. [Ed's note: if you call off or request off or otherwise are unavailable for Black Friday, they fire you.] This year we were supposed to travel out of town to visit with my family, some of whom we only get to see once or twice a year. My family very much values Thanksgiving and the opportunity it affords all of us to connect with each other.

Our original plan included returning home Thanksgiving night, so my partner would have plenty of time to get ready for her Black Friday shift.

But now it has come to my attention that in order for her to get ready for her shift, and factoring travel time, we will be required to leave my parents' town, and my family, about two hours after the meal is served, effectively putting us in an "eat and run" situation, all because your company decided it would open the store even earlier. Now I face the unhappy chore of telling my parents that we will not be able to stay, after already having told them with great enthusiasm that we would be there.

Your Black Friday employee policy has cut short my Thanksgiving. I am very angry, and do not plan to give [redacted] my personal business for the foreseeable future.

Erica Hildebrand

I sent this off electronically to their office. No reply yet. Maybe I shouldn't have edited out all the "jackasses" and "thanks for nothings." Guess I'm writing another letter.


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