Erica (hildebabble) wrote,

It's smarter than me

Holy crow, my new alarm clock is fancy. Granted it's just a regular clock, but soon as I plug it in, it automatically knows what time it is! Which means maybe it will auto reset during our random power blips!

I'm glad I held out for this one instead of the Hello Kitty alarm clock the store clerks were trying to push on me.

Now let's just hope it's more smash-resistant than the old one. (ahem)

Also (while it's on my mind), I read "Portrait of a Courtesan" by Megan Arkenberg in the latest and, regrettably, last issue of CROSSED GENRES. It's about an asexual female pimp, and is very good. I haven't gotten to the rest of the issue yet.

Jack: In a post-apocalyptic society, what possible use would they have for you?
Liz: Traveling bard.
Jack: Radiation canary.

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